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Aspire General Small Town Regeneration Corridor Intervention Suppliers Documents
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Tender Reference:Various
Awarded To:
Tenderers:Economist: Ikagenge Advisors, Town Planner: Kwame Nkrumah-Abebrese - Complan, Architect: Alistair Randall & Gita Goven - ARG Design, Landscape Architect / Designer: Jason Turner - ARG Design, Civil Engineer: Brendan Abrahams - BACE, Property Market Expert: cancelled, Environmental Management Expert /Environmental Engineer: Jennifer Youthed - Aurecon Report Writer: Anne-liseBolleart-Davies - GeoCom Trust

Professional Services – Alice & Hamburg Regeneration Programmes

Aspire, registered as the Amathole Economic Development Agency, is a Pty Ltd company and is wholly owned by the Amathole District Municipality. Our vision is to be a pioneer in the stimulation of spatial economic development.

Bids are requested from experienced service providers to work with Aspire giving technical assistance for Aspire’s Small Town Regeneration Programme. Service providers are expected to deliver inputs to planning activities during the high level feasibility, feasibility and business planning phases for the Alice and Hamburg small town regeneration initiatives.

It should be noted that Aspire is seeking proposals whereby an individual will be made available on an ad hoc basis, as and when required, over an 18 month period. Only the experience and curriculum vitaes of individuals will be scored, not company profiles. If a company wishes to tender for more than one professional, individual tender documents must be completed.

Aspire 004-2010 Professional Services - Economist
Aspire 005-2010 Professional Services - Town Planner
Aspire 006-2010 Professional Services - Architect
Aspire 007-2010 Professional Services - Landscape Architect / Designer
Aspire 008-2010 Professional Services - Civil Engineer
Aspire 009-2010 Professional Services - Property Market Expert
Aspire 010-2010 Professional Services - Environmental Managent Expert /Environmental Engineer
Aspire 011-2010 Professional Services - Report Writer


The Terms of Reference are available by contacting:
Ms Zolelwa Mabece
Phone: 043 721 2070
Completed tender documents must be delivered to the Aspire reception at 6 Princes Rd, Vincent, East London not later than 1 March 2010 at 11h00

Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA)

Points Will Be Awarded as Follows:

Price: 40/45 points
Functionality 40/45 points
HDI Status: 12/6 points
Female Ownership: 2/1 points
Disability Ownership: 2/1 points
Location in the Amathole Region: 4/2 points
Total: 100 points

Tenderers Should Note The Following Tender Conditions:
The Aspire supply chain management policy will apply. Aspire does not bind itself to accept the lowest tender or any other tender and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the tender. Tenders which are late, incomplete, unsigned or submitted by fax or electronically, will not be accepted.

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