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Tender Reference:Aspire 002-2009
Awarded To:MMA Architects

Hamburg Artist’s Residency Business Plan

The purpose of this tender is to identify and appoint a suitable qualified consultant, or alternatively consortium of consultants, to compile a business plan for the construction of an artist's residency in Hamburg in accordance with the Department of Environment and Tourism’s (DEAT) requirements.

The consultant will work with Aspire to manage the conceptualization, business plan, financial costing and project implementation plan for the artist’s residence in Hamburg in accordance with the DEAT requirements. The aforementioned information / data will be compiled in accordance with the format as specified by DEAT on the website.


The Terms of Reference are available by contacting:
Mr John Cerff
Phone: 043 7212070
Completed tender documents must be delivered to the Aspire reception at 6 Princes Rd, Vincent, East London not later than 19 Febuary 2009 at 11h00

Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA)

Points Will Be Awarded as Follows:

Price: 40 points
Functionality 40 points
HDI Status: 12 points
Female Ownership: 2 points
Disability Ownership: 2 points
Location in the Amathole Region: 4 points
Total: 100 points

Tenderers Should Note The Following Tender Conditions:
The Aspire supply chain management policy will apply. Aspire does not bind itself to accept the lowest tender or any other tender and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the tender. Tenders which are late, incomplete, unsigned or submitted by fax or electronically, will not be accepted.

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