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Tender Reference:ASPIRE 012-2016

Appointment for the preparation of 2015/2016 Annual Financial Statements


The entity seeks to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced service provider for the preparation of annual financial statements.

ASPIRE seeks to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced service provider for the provision of the following services:


 Update the fixed asset register.
 Review of the fixed asset register to ensure compliant with GRAP.
 Documentation of the residual values and useful life working papers for the entity.
 Reconcile the fixed asset register to General ledger. Review of Grant register to the supporting documentation. Updating of working paper to ensure that it clearly states the conditional grant liability at year end
 Assist the entity in the review of bank reconciliations, creditor’s reconciliations, debtor’s reconciliations, and clearing of suspense accounts to ensure compliance with GRAP standards and MFMA.
 Reconciliation of the payroll to the payroll general ledger accounts.
 Reconciliation of PAYE/SDL/UIF paid over to SARS for the twelve months to the payroll. Identification of any interest/penalties that must be disclosed as fruitless and wasteful expenditure.
 Preparation of an outstanding payroll accruals at year end lists/schedules.
 Preparation of the annual VAT reconciliation of all VAT returns submitted to the accounting records per output VAT and input VAT.
 Report regularly to Acting CFO on the progress made towards the preparation of AFS.
 Disclosure of Fruitless and wasteful expenditure, unauthorized expenditure and irregular expenditure registers and inclusion in the AFS.
 Reconciliation of tax balance account with the returns submitted to SARS.
 Preparation of analytical review of actual versus budget for the year and documentation of the reasons for the variance.
 Prepare adjustments for matters emanating from the previous year’s financial regulatory audit.
 Review significant accounting transactions for the entity for correct accounting treatment and allocation;
 Recommend journal entries for related accounting adjustments for the 2015/2016 financial year.
 Agreement of the final trial balance for the year to the financial statements.
 Preparation of the AFS in excel that is in a usable format, e.g. rounded figures, casting checks, transfer checks and a column where adjusting journal entries can be easily added. Preparation of a cash flow statement worksheet that proves the “cash flow”.
 Attendance at audit committee meetings to present the AFS.
 Transfer of skills. The details of skills transfer will be communicated and agreed upon at appointment. It is expected to be in the context of a “hands-on approach” and “assistance in all respects” that the service provider undertakes to impart knowledge and skills and also capacitate officials in the area related to the GRAP standards. Agree (but to who)

 Produce GRAP compliant 2014/15 comparative figures for the entity.
 Produce GRAP compliant 2015/16 financial statements for the entity.
 Produce an audit file supporting the 2015/16 financial statements (Accounting file) for the entity,


 Make adjustments to AFS should it be deemed necessary
 Provide the entity with adjusted AFS
 Engage with the Auditor-General where necessary


ASPIRE’s evaluation and selection process is based on ASPIRE’s procurement policy. Submissions will be evaluated on functionality, before proceeding to price and BBEE status level points. However, it must be noted that functionality will only be used as a pre-qualification basis and the score allocated will not be carried forward to the final score.
Bidders must note that an overall minimum of 60% must be scored for functionality (Experience and Expertise AND methodology combined) to be classified as responsive, and to proceed to the price and BBBEE status level points assessment. Bidders that score less than 60% overall will be seen as non-responsive and will not be considered further.


1. List of Directors and Company Document (Attach certified copies of ID for Directors)
2. Original SARS tax clearance certificate/PIN
Please note that copies of tax clearance certificates are not valid as per SARS and they will not be accepted by ASPIRE. Failure to provide the original tax clearance certificate will result in the quotation being disqualified.

3. Proof of address
Please note the following:
a) If the business is operated form the residence of one of the directors, a certified affidavit, must be submitted stating the address of the business premises.
b) If the premises from where business is conducted is leased, a copy of the lease agreement or an affidavit must be submitted.
4. Latest copy of rates, taxes or services account or letter of good-standing issued by the respective municipality. Please note the following:
• The Rates and Taxes invoice cannot be older than 3 months. If Rates and Taxes are in arrears for more than 3 months, the quotation will be disqualified.
• If the business is operated from the residence of one of the directors, or is leased, an account for the director or letting agent will be accepted.
5. The quotation page must be signed.
6. A certified copy of B-BBEE status level verification certificate must be attached. If not attached no point for BB-BEE will be awarded.
7. All prices alternations must be signed for the Bidder confirming that such changes were made by the Bidder.
8. Use of tippex is prohibited.
9. Forms should be completed in non-editable black ink.


1. All goods or services purchased will be subject to the ASPIRE SCM policy and procedures. A copy of said conditions is available upon request.
2. All purchases will be made through an official order form. Therefore no goods must be delivered or services rendered before an official order has been forwarded to and accepted by the successful bidder.
3. All prices quoted must be inclusive of value added tax (VAT). Suppliers who are not registered for VAT will be treated as Non VAT vendors.
4. All prices submitted must be firm. “Firm” prices are deemed to be fixed prices, which are only subject to the following statutory changes, namely VAT and any levy related to customs and excise.
5. Quantities are given in good faith and without commitment to ASPIRE. ASPIRE reserves the right to increase or reduce the quantity to be in line with the set threshold for quotations prescribed in the SCM policy.
6. RFQ’S submitted are to hold good for a period of 60 days.
7. Original valid SARS Tax Clearance Certificate/ proof of registration from SARS should be submitted
8. Declaration pages must be fully completed and signed.
9. Bidders are required to register on the ASPIRE supplier database. Application for registration can be done electronically by logging on at and following the registration process. Bidders should note that the registration will be complete upon physical submission of original documents.
10. Declaration pages must be fully completed and signed
11. All bids to meet the minimum score of 60% overall in functionality scoring to proceed to price evaluation
12. Late, incomplete and electronically or faxed submissions will not be accepted


Completed quotation and supporting documents must be placed in a sealed envelope clearly marked “ASPIRE 012-2016 Preparation of 2015/2016 Annual Financial Statements”. These must be deposited in the Tender
Box of ASPIRE, situated in the reception area of the Main Office Building, 6 Princes Road, Vincent, East London. As the tender box is situated within our office, please be advised that our office hours are from 08h00 to 16h30, Monday to Thursday, and 08h00-16h00 on Friday.

Please refer all enquiries to Acting CFO: Mr. S. Kweleta Tel: 043 721 2070 during normal office hours (08:00-16:30) Monday to Friday.


The Terms of Reference are available by contacting:
Linda Nomkala
Phone: 043 721 2070
Completed tender documents must be delivered to the Aspire reception at 6 Princes Rd, Vincent, East London not later than 28 June 2016 at 11:h00

Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA)

Price 80 Points
BBBEE status level of contributor Maximum of 20 points
Total 100 points

Points will be awarded to a tenderer for attaining the BBBEE status level of contributor in accordance with the table below:

BBBEE status level of contributor Points
1 20
2 18
3 16
4 12
5 8
6 6
7 4
8 2
Non-compliant contributor 0
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