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Tender Reference:RFQ ASPIRE 014-2014


These services will ensure that the Agency’s network, internet connection, email and computer systems operate effectively and optimally. The service provider will also provide ASPIRE with technical support, as and when required.
ASPIRE operates the following with regards to our IT systems:
-Local Area Network system (Windows Network) with > 15 network points
-Email system
-Internet connection
-Network printing

We require a suitably qualified and experienced service provider to supply us with the following services to ensure the effective and efficient operation of our IT systems:
-Onsite support, i.e. at ASPIRE Offices, 6 Princes Road, Vincent, East London
-A response time that may not exceed 4 hours from time of telephonically requesting assistance
-Weekly routine maintenance; such maintenance is to be scheduled and should include:
o Virus scans and updates to all computers (servers and individual computers)
o Security updates when necessary and as per license agreements
o Backups - backups are to be made of the server on a daily basis, and the backup swopped weekly and safeguarded at the offices of the service provider, i.e. offsite
o Loading and maintenance of network setups, internet connections and email accounts (both server and individual computers) as and when required
-Regular (please indicate in your submission the frequency) cleaning of computers
-Meetings with ASPIRE staff to discuss and consider current and future IT solutions, and an annual review of the IT policy and strategy/governance document
-Provision of hardware repairs on an ad hoc basis
-Network technical support when required
-The provision of a dedicated representative that ASPIRE can interact with and where calls can be logged

It is the objective of ASPIRE to secure the required services on a retainer basis, i.e. fixed monthly cost, for a minimum of 10 hours per month. Furthermore, the submission should clearly state the rate per hour of any work over and above the minimum hours per month included in the retainer amount.

Further to the above, the proposal must clearly state:
-The hourly rate for services rendered above the retainer allocated hours
-Any service not included in the monthly retainer amount
-The hourly rate for such excluded services.

ASPIRE’s evaluation and selection process is based on ASPIRE’s procurement policy. Submissions will be evaluated on experience/expertise and methodology, before proceeding to price and BBEE status level points. However, it must be noted that functionality will only be used as a pre-qualification basis and the score allocated will not be carried forward to the final score.

Bidders must note that an overall minimum of 65% must be scored for functionality (Experience and Expertise AND methodology combined) to be classified as responsive, and to proceed to the price and BBBEE status level points assessment. Bidders that score less than 65% overall will be seen as non-responsive and will not be considered further.

This RFQ requires a professional or team (max 2) of professionals. The tenderer must specify which team member(s) will be allocated to this contract and submit individual curriculum vitaes (CV’s) for these team member(s), as well as indicate who will be the lead team member. Companies are also encouraged to submit a company profile. The scoring for this tender will be based on the CV’s of the individual team member(s).

Functionality scores will be allocated on the basis of experience, expertise and methodology.

Tenderers must highlight the appropriate experience with regards to network management, support and maintenance. The number of years’ experience in undertaking each activity must be indicated for proposed team member(s).

Team member(s) must possess a relevant tertiary qualification in IT support and network support. The service providers are requested to indicate who the lead team member will be, as well as the extent of support / back up available.

Prospective tenderers must indicate the manner in which they propose to provide the services required by the submission of a proposal.

In addition to the above, the following minimum criteria must be satisfied:

•All quotes must be submitted with a current BB-BEE certificate, issued by a certified verification agency, as failure to do so will result in nil points being scored for BB-BEE contribution level. If applicable, exempt micro-enterprises to provide letters from registered accountants / auditors confirming their status levels, else nil points will be awarded for BB-BEE
•All quotes must be submitted with a valid SARS tax clearance certificate,
•All tables in the RFQ document to be completed in full where applicable, as failure to do so will be reflected in the allocation of points during bid evaluation
•All quotes must be submitted with Municipal Levy Clearance Certificate/ municipal account of not older than three Months from a municipality where the entity operates (Lease agreements and sworn statements/Affidavits are also accepted. Please note lease agreements must be signed by both parties)
•All alterations on prices/quotes must be signed
•Use of tippex is not allowed
•Non submission of BB-BEE certificate will not render the quote non responsive however it will be interpreted to mean that preference points for BB-BEE are not claimed. Bidders to obtain minimum score of 65% for functionality to be considered for Price and BB-BEE evaluation.
•ASPIRE does not bind itself to appoint the service provider with the lowest quote
•ASPIRE reserve the right to cancel this request for quotation and pursue an alternative course of action at any time without incurring any liability towards prospective service provider
•Bidders who are not registered on ASPIRE Supplier database are to be registered on ASPIRE supplier database via ASPIRE website, on submission of quotation. The Supplier database registration is complete on submission of the signed application form, stamped proof of banking details and original documents required

Failure to meet these minimum criteria will result in the RFQ being considered non-responsive and therefore not considered for award of the contract.


The Terms of Reference are available by contacting:
Linda Nomkala (SCM unit)
Phone: 043-7212070
Completed tender documents must be delivered to the Aspire reception at 6 Princes Rd, Vincent, East London not later than 18 July 2014 at 11h00

Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA)

Price 80 Points
BBBEE status level of contributor Maximum of 20 points
Total 100 points

Points will be awarded to a tenderer for attaining the BBBEE status level of contributor in accordance with the table below:

BBBEE status level of contributor Points
1 20
2 18
3 16
4 12
5 8
6 6
7 4
8 2
Non-compliant contributor 0
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