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Tender Reference:Aspire 010-2012
Awarded To:Mazars East London

Provision of Internal Audit Services: 3 Years

Aspire, registered as the Amathole Economic Development Agency, is a state – owned company (SOC) and is wholly owned by the Amathole District Municipality. Our vision is to be a pioneer in the stimulation of spatial economic development.

Aspire’s vision is to be a pioneer in the stimulation of spatial economic development. We are positioned as a “trusted advisor, stimulator and partner in the regional economic environment” and our mission is to stimulate locality development, with the objective of regenerating small town economies. We believe that the regeneration of decaying small towns will enhance their ability to contribute to the economy of the Amathole Region, and will improve the quality of life of its residents.

The purpose of this tender is to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced external audit firm to provide on-going internal audit services to Aspire per section 164 of the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) 56 of 2003. The audit firm will report to the Audit and Finance Sub-Committee of the Board of Directors. The service provider’s function will be to perform the complete internal audit function of the Agency. This will include all aspects of the internal audit function and the review of risks, financial systems, transactions and performance.

A range of activities will be required, which include but are not limited to, the following:

•Conducting of an assessment of the processes, systems, operations and risks associated with the Agency
•Compilation of a risk-based audit plan and audit program
•Obtaining approval of such from the Audit Committee
•Performance of the internal audit function in accordance with the audit plan and program as well as relevant regulations and standards
•Reporting on progress and findings to the audit committee
•Liaising and meeting with the external auditors to provide such information as may be required to enable the external auditors to perform their responsibilities in a cost effective manner

Bid documents and detailed terms of reference can be collected from Aspire offices, 6 Princes Road, Vincent, East London, at a cost of R 100 per document. Bidders to please note that there is no briefing session for this bid, and all queries and requests for information are to be addressed in writing to the project manager, Ms Flicker Tiso (Tel: 043-721 2070, Email:

The Aspire Supply Chain Management Policy will apply to adjudication of the bid using the 80/20 point system, as well as the Broad – Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) model. The points will be allocated according to the following:

Price 80 points
BB-BEE Contribution Level 20 points

In addition to the above, the following minimum criteria must be satisfied:

•All bids must be submitted with a current BEE certificate, issued by a certified verification agency, as failure to do so will result in nil points being scored for BB-BEE contribution level. If applicable, exempt micro-enterprises to provide letters from registered accountants / auditors confirming their status levels, else nil points will be awarded for BB-BEE
•All tables in the bid document to be completed in full, as failure to do so will be reflected in the allocation of points during bid evaluation
•All bids to meet a minimum score of 70% per category in functionality scoring (experience, expertise and methodology) to proceed to price evaluation

Failure to meet these minimum criteria will result in the bid being considered non-responsive and therefore not considered for award of the contract.

Completed bid documents must be delivered at the Aspire reception situated at 6 Princes Road, Vincent, East London not later than Friday, 26 October 2012, no later than 11h00 am.

Bids which are late, incomplete, unsigned or submitted by fax or electronically, will not be accepted.


The Terms of Reference are available by contacting:
Flicker Tiso
Phone: 043-7212070
Completed tender documents must be delivered to the Aspire reception at 6 Princes Rd, Vincent, East London not later than 26 October 2012 at 11h00

Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA)

Price 80 Points
BBBEE status level of contributor Maximum of 20 points
Total 100 points

Points will be awarded to a tenderer for attaining the BBBEE status level of contributor in accordance with the table below:

BBBEE status level of contributor Points
1 20
2 18
3 16
4 12
5 8
6 6
7 4
8 2
Non-compliant contributor 0
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