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Keiskammahoek - Profile

Keiskammahoek is situated at the confluence of the Gxulu and Keiskammahoek River.  The rivers form the town’s northern, eastern and southern boundary respectively.  Keiskammahoek town covers an area of approximately 2827 hectares at a density of approximately 13 people per hectare (Based on Census 2001 population of 35365 persons in the KKH Magisterial District: Stats SA).

The town is located approximately 40km west of Stutterheim along the R352 to Dimbaza.  It functions as an administrative and service centre for its surrounding hinterland which is comprised of numerous villages.  It is therefore regarded as a rural town in the hierarchy of settlements.  It provides services such as Municipal offices, Post Office, Police Station, a District Hospital (SS Gida), ATM banking facilities for Pension Payouts and institutions such as St Mathews Mission, situated less than 10km from the urban centre.

The R352 is the main road that passes through the town and is the potential future corridor between Keiskammahoek and Stutterheim if upgraded and tarred.  The road provides access to and from the two towns for the Timber plantations and agricultural produce.

Vision for Keiskammahoek

“Wonke-wonke, Konke-konke”- A Place for All
An attractive place
A productive place
A healthy place
Where people can live ,learn, work and farm
A safe place
A welcoming place for visitors.

The regeneration of the town should concentrate on:

  • Investing in people

Creating a centre for educational excellence, drawing on the rich educational heritage, this will ultimately unlock the human potential of KKH.

  • Investing in the heart of the town

Development activity needs to be focused along the main road to create a more vibrant, and attractive place to live and work and nodes of activity including a sports/recreation precinct, a civic precinct and a business precinct.

  • Investing in key economic sectors

Potential is based on three key attributes:

  • Unique and attractive natural environment
  • Interesting heritage (social & historical)
  • Productive agricultural environment

Key sectors include eco-tourism, agriculture and heritage

The vision for the town is also to:

  • Create an attractive Rural  lifestyle where people can live, work, learn and farm
  • Create attractive gateways and meeting places
  • Variety of quality public places and spaces
  • Position heritage assets, cultural and historical, for tourism
  • Densification, infill and mixed use development to optimise infrastructure
  • Safe, well defined and maintained streets
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