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Keiskammahoek - Opportunities

Agriculture and agro-processing
There is great potential for agriculture to be the main economic driver in the area due to the availability of arable land and water.  There are also opportunities for job creation and skills training in the sector linked to Fort Cox College and the University of Fort Hare.
The existing agricultural activities in the sub-region include

  • Irrigations Schemes (Chata , St Peters Farm, Tshoxa etc)
  • Dairy Farm irrigation scheme located in the middle of the town.
  • Lenye Irrigation Scheme (paprika)
  • Ziyakolwa urban agriculture project
  • Specialized niche market agricultural schemes namely the essential oils and paprika managed by DBSA. 

Tourism promotion
The Keiskammahoek area lends itself to a variety of outdoor activities which could be further explored such as:

  • Potential Areas for hiking
  • Booming interest growing in bird watching exercise
  • Demand for horse and donkey trails
  • Demand for overnight accommodation through chalets and/or home stays
  • trout fishing opportunities in the rivers and dams (rainbow trout and brown trout)

Hiking and Biking Trails:

  • Explore linkage with existing Amatole Trail
  • Develop new trails i.e.  Wolf valley trail, KKH to Hogs back trail, Stutterheim to Adelaide  and/or Alice to Cathcart “Slack packer” trails
  • Develop a Amatole biking event in conjunction with the Pedal Power association “Amatole Parrot Challenge”.
  • Develop horse and donkey trails through the regions natural environment
  • New Hiking trails be designed in the following areas
  • Magcumeni,
  • Upper Gxulu,
  • Upper Ngqumeya,
  • Zingcuka, Chata
  • North of Ngobozana)

Bird watching:

  • Expand on the existing CATA Parrott trails in other forest areas
  • Undertake targeted marketing of the unique bird life and opportunities within the ornithological societies

Passive water sports (i.e. Canoeing and fishing )

  • Develop trout fishing opportunities in the rivers and dams (rainbow trout and brown trout)
  • Undertake targeted marketing of the fishing opportunities within the piscatorial societies


  • Three  new lodges could be developed to promote ecotourism:
    • Upper Wolf River
    • Sandile Dam
    • Nyameni Dam

Explore/research tourism niche market:

  • Tourist facilities could be developed to attract researchers to undertake field work in the area drawing on the areas interesting heritage, and unique environmental attributes – concept of an Eastern Cape’s Galapagos
  • Explore heritage route based on the exploitation of the  well know “Shades “novel (school set-work book) set in Keiskammahoek
  • Training of local tour guides- through a possible link to educational facilities discussed in the education sub-section
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