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Dutywa Project

Following on from the status quo report and feasibility assessment, a Local Spatial Development Framework for Dutywa was developed and adopted by Mbhashe Local Municipality. This pointed to a number of possible interventions, including the:

  • Upgrading of the central business district
  • Developing a community commercial precinct in town
  • Providing support to Mbhashe municipality to improve its municipal systems
  • Facilitating an upgrade of the water & sanitation system to enable the economic growth of the town

Town regeneration business plan

Aspire is currently undertaking the development of a town regeneration business plan that in further detail investigates the interventions highlighted in the Local Spatial Development Framework. This is being done in partnership with the Mbhashe Council. One prioritized intervention is to address the congestion in Dutywa, along the N2 and in the central business district in general. Given that this small town provides services to a wide hinterland of subsistence and small scale farmers and villagers, there is a strong sense that at least some of the economic potential of this town is to be discovered within this zone.

Proposed upgrade of the central business district

The Dutywa CBD area is currently experiencing mixed land use activities, such as high density residential, informal trading and a number of unauthorised uses of land for different economic activities. Parts of the town are used by both pedestrians and vehicles. Traffic congestion due to uncontrolled informal activities along the road reserves is common. There is no visibility of the street furniture since the area is highly congested with informal trading and other activities.
Aspire has recently appointed a professional team to develop a proposal for an upgrade of the Dutywa central business district to ensure that the town can better perform its role as a rural service node. The town centre upgrade will consider issues such as:

  • Upgrading of pedestrian walkways and pavements and public open spaces
  • Parking solutions for vehicular traffic
  • Provision of adequate street furniture and solutions
  • Improved public transport facilities to reduce congestion in the CBD
  • Informal trading facilities and management solutions
  • Urban management model for the town

Five projects have been identified to address these challenges:

  • Upgrade of Market Square
  • Establishment of Mayoral Garden
  • Upgrade of Heritage buildings
  • Upgrade of Main Street (Rein Street)
  • Upgrade of side street 

Mbhashe Municipal Management Support Systems

Well working municipal systems are a basic prerequisite to ensure a well-functioning local municipality for service delivery, revenue collection and infrastructure maintenance.

Aspire has assisted Mbhashe municipality in assessing the current municipal systems of the local municipality, with the aim to recommend adequate strategies for improvement. These recommendations are being carried forward by the local municipality.

To kick-start the developments, National Treasury’s National Development Partnership grant has allocated a funding envelope to Aspire of R273 million, to include the small towns of Alice, Butterworth, Dutywa, Hamburg and Stutterheim.

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