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Dutywa Opportunities

The Mbhashe municipality has a number of economic sectors to be considered in order to accelerate economic growth, and Dutywa town is the economic hub for these initiatives. Recent studies show that spatially, a high percentage of land can be used for agriculture i.e. unutilised arable land and more land for potential agri-business development. The climate is also good for agriculture. Some areas with natural attractions are marked for tourism destinations, and the Wild coast is a high priority area. There are fundamental issues that can improve the economy such as accommodation establishments e.g. hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and other leisure facilities. The infrastructure needs to be upgraded and also linkages developed between rural and urban components.

There are future and current development planning initiatives in the municipal Integrated Development Plan (IDP) with the inclusion of some economic activities taking place in Dutywa and its surrounding areas. Development proposals underway include the following:

  • The area around the railway station is being proposed for commercial to light industrial uses and a portion of land is located for residential flats
  • Development of a petrol filling station adjoining the N2, to the south of the CBD
  • Extension to the bus terminus to form a centralised public transport facility
  • Development of the craft market, tourism information centre and multi- purpose centre in the north western extent of the Dutywa CBD
  • Construction of the municipal office space on erf 456


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