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Cathcart Town - Projects

Aspire has taken the initiative to pursue a programme of regenerating the town of Cathcart.  The Regeneration Strategy has emerged from a thorough assessment of Cathcart town; followed by investigations on what could be done to positively contribute to the socio-economic development of Cathcart.

This regeneration strategy is founded in a strong community engagement process. Aspire, Amahlathi local municipality, the Cathcart community, welfare groups, organised business (including farming), emerging entrepreneurs and farmers cooperatives, and government departments and entities were involved in the stakeholder consultation process. Consultation mechanisms included a stakeholder workshop, focus group sessions and individual consultations.

Through the planning work done in the last few months, Aspire has identified the following as potential interventions.

In order to move towards the envisaged future of Cathcart, the following goals and objectives of the Cathcart regeneration strategy are identified:

Economic DevelopmentTo accelerate growth in key economic sectors in order to maximize potential and increase the benefit derived from natural, heritage and cultural resources by:

  • Maximising the use of available land for agricultural and rural development;
  • Identifying economic niches and optimising the potential of existing resources to take advantage of these sectors;
  • Identifying market trends, value chains and business linkages to assist business owners and SMME’s in establishing a strong local economy;
  • Identifying /compiling/ auditing SMME database; and
  • Developing the tourism sector in and around Cathcart by:
    • Focussing on leisure, business and education tourism
    • Marketing the region appropriately

Social Development – To create a safe, habitable and healthy environment through adequate and integrated social services by:

  • Encouraging skills development and empowerment among youth and labour inactive citizens;
  • Enabling health facilities to provide comprehensive health services;
  • Targeting solutions and responses to substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, child and women abuse, victim empowerment and support;
  • Coordinating efforts for law enforcement in identified high crime hot spots and deploying law enforcement accordingly
  • Introducing social /cultural /recreation /sport activities to curb crime, substance abuse and prevention of immoral activities by youth

Infrastructure and spatial development – To ensure sustainable spatial planning patterns and enhance infrastructural capacity by;

  • Expanding the Cathcart bulk water supply and reticulation and sanitation networks;
  • Upgrading the existing bulk electricity supply network;
  • Upgrading the road network, including the refurbishment of existing roads, sidewalks and storm water management systems; and
  • Improving on the implementation of environmentally sustainable land use management systems (LUMS) and rapid land release.
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