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Cathcart Town - Opportunities

Pilot project: Black wattle eradication

Aspire has undertaken to pilot the eradication of black wattle in the Cathcart area.

The Black Wattle project is a two-part intervention. First is the need to eradicate the Black Wattle through harvesting and the implementation of re-growth control mechanisms. Secondly, the wood harvested can be used in a variety of ways, some of which have important economic potential.

Investment opportunities

  • A black wattle management and product development programme, which is likely to only have a 20-30 year lifespan, but which has the potential to provide a bridging period until such time as another sector becomes viable, such as forestry; and
  • The establishment of a skills development / training centre, with a strong focus on developing skills which are required in the agricultural sector. This will enable Cathcart be meet the skills needs of the farming industry using local sources, rather than having to import skills.
  • Establishment of a communal feedlot; confined area with watering and feeding facilities where wieners (calves between the ages of 6 months to 14 months) are held and hand or mechanically fed for the purpose of production. This could include any adjoining or nearby area where: such cattle are yarded, tended, loaded and unloaded; the animal wastes from the feedlot are accumulated or treated pending removal or disposal; facilities for feeding such cattle are maintained or in which the feed is stored, handled or prepared.
  • A medium size abattoir that can slaughter between 15 and 20 animals per session. The facility will be fully equipped and include cold storage facilities and a grazing area. This could be closely linked to the establishment of the above feedlot. However, it could provide services to all livestock farmers as well as game farmers.
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